• Smart Patches Explained

    Smart Patches’ Ingredients Explained Smart Patches’ blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes is uniquely suited to help your body process alcohol and reduce hangover symptoms. Here you might find yourself asking, well, why is this blend so uniquely suited to help my body process alcohol?
  • Feature: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

    "Whether you’re shopping for a romantic gift for your significant other, a Valentine’s Day gift for your bestie, or a fun Valentine treat for your kids, this Gift Guide has you covered with ideas and exclusive discount codes to save while taking care of your online shopping!"


  • Feature: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    "Ok these are a one of the best gifts my hubby could give me.  These patches are perfect, put on before you start drinking and these patches will help with the next day."
  • Feature: DickPen Podcast Feat. Austin Shaw

    “We wore those the other night, I didn’t have a hangover. I didn't either! And we drank! These things are awesome man, good work.”