Smart Patches are a must this Halloween season

by Emily Hamann

As adults, we don't have the luxury of going trick or treating anymore (at least, not without a few odd stares). Of course, we have found other ways to celebrate the spooky season of Halloween. Whether you are home alone with a glass of wine and chocolate, or are partying at an underground costume party, hangovers are something that can make even the worst monsters shiver. With this Halloween landing on a Sunday, the Monday hangover can feel like the scariest part of your holiday. 

Smart Patches knows the dread that comes with the Monday morning hangover. That is why Smart Patches is offering 20% off your entire cart for the entire month of October. Also, in the spirit of Halloween, Smart Patches is offering the sweet treat of a free gift with purchase along with your discount. Just make sure to use the promo code “Boozy” at checkout. 

The Smart Patch is a transdermal patch, meaning its unique blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes is absorbed via the skin. It combines the proven technology of transdermal delivery with a new blend, which includes vitamins B-3, B-12, B-20, A, and C, to help the body process alcohol and reduce hangover symptoms. Smart Patches knows that it can get a little sweaty in your costume. Being sweat and waterproof, Smart Patches are a great choice to use at your next big costume party.