After suffering for far too long, our founders came together to create a reliable hangover prevention method. I.V. needles hurt and pills and powders are nauseating and ineffective, and it seemed like other patches out there have ineffective and smelly products that are just not appealing. At Smart Patches, we found the best way to prevent a hangover, and it isn’t some hundred-year-old concoction. It fits in your pocket and is always there when you need it. Our scientifically formulated mixture naturally aids your body in processing alcohol efficiently and effortlessly. Not to mention our patches do not emit orders and are small and comfortable to wear. Now, we can all make the most of our vacation or enjoy a night out without the usual hangover effects, thanks to Smart Patches. 

Our small 5 person team, made up of friends and family, has more than 60 years of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, sales, and marketing, and have worked for multi-billion dollar organizations helping to develop technology solutions and bring them successfully to market. Smart Patches is our passion project and something we use ourselves practically every weekend, and we enthusiastically share them with our friends and family. Thank you for your interest in our company and for supporting Smart Patches. Patch up and party on!